Water quality

Water quality

We apply a strict drinking water monitoring program, from the source of the supply to its delivery to the consumer, to guarantee its quality at all times. Similarly, the quality of the purified wastewater is controlled. It allows to maintain a permanent alert system, through a network of automatic surveillance stations (EVA). This type of installation is also used for the control of purified water from its entry into the WWTP until its return to the rivers.

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Drinking water quality

We analyze in its origin the waters of the two resources that are available for the supply of drinking water: surface water and groundwater.

Surveillance in surface waters is carried out through the limnological study of the reservoirs and tributaries used for collection, while that of groundwater has been directed to the analytical characterization of the resource, in compliance with the provisions of current legislation. Although the most exhaustive control is carried out during the stay of the water in the distribution network.


In this viewer you can consult the annual average values ¿¿of the analytical results of the water supplied by Canal de Isabel II in the corresponding municipality.

Within the query you can select the municipality and the type of analysis:

  • Control: where at least the parameters are analyzed: color, odor, flavor, turbidity, pH, free and combined chlorine.
  • Complete: where more than 50 parameters are analyzed.

You can also access the official SINAC application: https://sinacv2.sanidad.gob.es/SinacV2/ in its “Citizen Access”

Consult the average characteristics of drinking water in the distribution system during 2023.


Waste water quality

Canal also manages the quality control of the discharges previously treated in the WWTPs and the quality of the reclaimed water intended for irrigation of green areas, street washing and other industrial uses. For this, Canal de Isabel II has a Purified Water Laboratory, located in Majadahonda with an area of more than 2,200 square meters.

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