Data transfers

Data transfers and categories of service providers

Canal de Isabel II, S.A. (hereinafter, CANAL) informs users of the possible data reporting that may occur as a result of legal obligations. Futhermore, we inform users of the list of service providers, on behalf of CANAL, that may have access to personal data. Access is limited to contracted services rendered by CANAL and with prior signature of appropriate documents to ensure the data security, such as custom contracts for the processing of personal data, contracts with clauses approved by decisions of the European Commission or of the Spanish Data Protection Agency, BCRs, etc.


In any case, users may request additional information regarding signed contracts and/or applied Decisions of the European Commission, prior to the deletion of data, where relevant, from the CANAL Data Protection Officer via the email The information in the present document is provided by way of example. 


Possible data communications


  • Law enforcement forces and agencies
  •  Courts and tribunals
  • Canal de Isabel II Public Body
  • State Tax Administration Agency
  • Consumers' and Users' Organisation
  • Consumer Arbitration Board
  • Adult Guardianship Agency of Madrid
  • Community of Madrid and the Assembly of the Community of Madrid
  • Banking Entities
  • Ombudsman
  • City Councils where certain services are rendered related to the integral water cycle, such as sewers, for example


List of categories of CANAL's service providers (with potential access to personal data)


  •  Telecommunications service
  •  Audit and consultancy services
  • Computer systems administration services
  • Cloud computing services
  • Computer, data storage, and application use services
  • Hardware and Software support related to problem resolution services
  •  Electronic certificates, stamps, and electronic signature platform services
  • Financial and banking services and other ancillary or intermediary activities for financial services
  • Services for a proactive communication with clients
  • Customer service measurement, response and improvement services
  • Installation of supply connections
  • Breakdown management service
  • Trusted third party services
  • Customer service, client management and contact centre services
  • Quality survey services
  • Debt management, recovery and judicial services
  • Meter reading services
  • Expert compensation for damages
  • Postal, courier and distribution services
  • Invoice remittance service
  • Physical security services
  • Printing, packaging and shipping services
  • Invoice digitalisation and storage services
  • Disposal and destruction of documentation services
  • Administrative services
  • Legal activities
  • Maintenance services
  • Other support services


Place of supply of services provided: Spain, European Economic Area, having previously undersigned the appropriate data processing contracts.

List of categories of CANAL's service providers (with potential access to personal data)


  • Breakdowns and damage to thrid parties
  •  Office 365 Service


Place of supply of related services: The United States, having previously undersigned the appropriate contractual documents, or application of the Decisions of the European Commission that are applicable to ensure the security of their data.