Today, more than ever, we need extraordinary beings with the capacity and determination to make the world a better place. People who are aware of the power and importance of water

You may have been a fan of Spiderman, Batman or Superman since you were a child, and have dreamt of emulating them, of having superpowers and vanquishing evil enemies. Albeit without a cape or spider webs to climb between skyscrapers, a new saga of extraordinary beings whose mission is to look after one of the most valuable resources on the planet, namely water, has been born. And best of all: you can be one of them

At Canal de Isabel II we are recruiting a whole battalion of brave citizens who are committed to this noble cause, and it is growing all the time. And we also want you. You won’t need masks or tight suits hugging a muscular body, only goodwill and discipline. It’s not difficult: with only a few simple daily actions you can become water’s best ally.  

Actions such as slightly closing shut-off valve, installing economisers on the taps, using double flush cisterns, showering instead of bathing, putting a full load in the washing machine and watering at the right time of day to prevent evaporation. And these are just some of the superpowers you can display. In reality, there are a lot more, which you can discover here

Now more than ever, the Earth needs extraordinary beings to protect the water. Because by looking after this liquid we’re really looking after everything and everyone.

However, this is not something we can do alone. If we want to be victorious, we need the strength of all those superheroes and superheroines who, in their daily life, show they can change the world. 

Join them and help us in this mission, which is so important for us all. The power is in your hands!