Canal de Isabel II will improve and automate the Colmenar Viejo water purification filters

null Canal de Isabel II will improve and automate the Colmenar Viejo water purification filters

Canal de Isabel II will improve and automate the Colmenar Viejo water purification filters


The public company will invest 2.63 million euros in this work, that will prepare the facility for future renovation

  • This is the largest facility of those supplying the Community, and will see improved energy efficiency

The Governing Council of the Autonomous Community of Madrid was informed today of the proposal by Canal de Isabel II to award the contract for the works to improve the washing pipes and to automate filters 33 to 64 of the Colmenar Viejo Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP). The contract is valid for 13 months and was awarded for the total sum of 2,632,207.13 euros, excluding VAT.

With this contract, the existing Colmenar DWTP facilities will be partially adapted in a way that guarantees the current supply quality and capacity, 14 m3/s, during the different phases in which the new Colmenar DWTP will be executed, project and tender in which the public company is currently working.

These works will therefore refurbish the water and air supply and outlet pipes of 32 of its 64 filters. Furthermore, the company will automate the operation of these elements and the facilities where these filters are located will be adapted. 

Filtration is the last physical process in the water treatment line before final disinfection. The Colmenar DWTP has two sets (north and south) with 32 filters, with a bed of siliceous sand, through which the water is moved by gravity, retaining any particles present.

Thanks to this renovation, service will be guaranteed until the future Colmenar DWTP facilities come into service, and it will also increase energy efficiency in the drinking water treatment process, since filtration is one of the processes that consumes the most energy within the water treatment line.

Canal de Isabel II was founded almost 170 years ago to supply water to the city of Madrid. It employs more than 2,800 people working daily to provide a service to more than 6 million people in the region. It is an innovative company, a leader in its sector, and internationally recognised for its management of the integrated water cycle.

It operates 13 reservoirs; 78 spring tappings; 17,601 kilometres of water conveyance and distribution; 131 drinking water pumping stations and 133 waste water stations; 15,083 kilometres of sewer system networks; 65 storm tanks; 157 waste water treatment plants; and 615 kilometres of recycled water networks.

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