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Institutional, organisational and planning information

Canal Energía was created as a limited liability company on 16 September 2002. Canal de Isabel II holds 80% of participation and Hidráulica de Santillana holds 20%.

The Company purpose is:
a) To acquire and enjoy shares or holdings in companies and other legal entities, national or foreign, whatever the holding percentage may be regarding share capitals, whose objectives are related to activities in the energy sector, including but not limited to:

1. - producing, storing, transforming, transporting, distributing and commercialising electric energy, in accordance with the applicable legislation in force,

2. - commercialising water, gas, hydrocarbon fuels, and any other raw materials and fuels in any states,

b) To promote, develop and exploit new businesses in the energy sector.

c) To provide administrative and management services to subsidiary companies, associated or pertaining to the same company group as the Company.

The activities reserved to collective investment institutions and other special legislation are excluded from the Company’s corporate purpose.

The Company holds 100% of the shares of Canal Energía Comercialización, Canal Energía Distribución, Canal Energía Generación and Canal Gas Distribución. However, the Company does not present consolidated annual reports as it does not exceed the limits established in section 1, article 43 of the Code of Commerce. None of these Companies has business activity.

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