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Canal de Isabel II reservoirs at 74.2 % of their capacity at the end of October and continue to make historic records

null Canal de Isabel II reservoirs at 74.2 % of their capacity at the end of October and continue to make historic records

Canal de Isabel II reservoirs at 74.2 % of their capacity at the end of October and continue to make historic records


The company continues to call for a responsible use of water in light of the fact that the behaviour of the rainfall in forthcoming months is an unknown factor

  • Community reservoirs store 699.8 hm3 of water, and exceed the historic average by 14.6 points
  • The trend of water savings in consumption continues, and this month consumption has decreased by 6.2 % in comparison with October 2017

The water reserves stored in the reservoirs managed by Canal de Isabel II continue to exceed the maximum values ever recorded and reached the end of October at 74.2 % of their total capacity, with 699.8 hm3. This is 14 points higher than the average recorded for this time of year in the last 25 years and 17.5 points higher than the volume collected on the same date for the previous year, when the reservoirs were at around 56.7 % of their maximum capacity.

Water savings in consumption maintained the tendency of the previous months. The people of Madrid consumed 40.5 hm3 compared to the 43.2 registered in October 2017, equivalent to a decrease of 6.2 %.

As regards the rainfall registered in the reservoirs in October, this is close to the historic average. Almost 87 mm were collected compared to the 92 mm historical figure. Even so, the inputs are far from the historic figures for this month, 9.2 hm3 compared to almost 24 hm3 for October.

All these indicators are a sign that the hydrological situation in the Community of Madrid is good, after a start to the year with figures well below the average. The inputs received in April and May, combined with the savings in water consumption in the region have contributed to this improvement.

Nevertheless, Canal de Isabel II stresses the need to use water in a responsible and efficient manner, as it is a limited natural resource and the behaviour of the rainfall regime in forthcoming months is not known.

For this reason, and in the framework of Line 1 of the Strategic Plan, to guarantee supply to the population, Canal carries out awareness campaigns to encourage the general public to use water in a responsible manner. Small personal gestures in our everyday life such as having a shower instead of a bath, or using washing machines or dishwashers only when fully loaded, help to achieve this objective. All these tips are available on the web page www.canaldeisabelsegunda.es.

In addition, the public company has adopted a number of different measures to save drinking water. These include the promotion of the use of reclaimed water for the irrigation of public green zones and industrial uses or the annual plans for the renovation of the network of pipes which have resulted in a 70 % reduction in the volume of losses.

Canal de Isabel II was founded more than 165 years ago to supply water to the city of Madrid. It employs more than 2500 people working daily to provide a service to more than 6 million people in the region. It is an innovative company, a leader in its sector, and internationally recognised for its management of the integrated water cycle. It operates 13 reservoirs; 78 underground springs; 14 drinking water treatment plants; 17,556 kilometres of conveyance and distribution channels; 131 pumping stations for drinking water and 133 for waste water; 14,956 kilometres of sewage networks; 65 storm tanks; 877 kilometres of sewers and outfalls; 157 waste water treatment stations; and 588 kilometres of reclaimed water channels.

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