Fundación Canal focuses its edutacional programme “Canal Educa” on water and on solutions to climate change

null Fundación Canal focuses its edutacional programme “Canal Educa” on water and on solutions to climate change

Fundación Canal focuses its edutacional programme “Canal Educa” on water and on solutions to climate change


The free programme of environmental awareness-raising is aimed at Madrid’s school pupils from Pre-School to Secondary, both in-person adapted to the COVID-19 protocol, and in digital format

  • Tens of thousands of students take an interest each year in the range of activities offered by Canal Educa, which this academic year consists of 6 in-person activities and 3 live webinars

  • In the home straight of last academic year, almost 1,200 pupils participated in the latter, and more than 26 thousand did so in-person in the 2019-2020 academic year

Canal Educa has adapted its educational programme to reach the largest number of Madrid schools and pupils, with its team of educators specialising in the environment. The free activities are offered both in the classroom and in live webinar format through the school’s own platform or through a tool that Canal Educa makes available to schools for this purpose. 

The academic year 2020-2021 begins at Canal Educa with 6 in-person activities, which is designed and adapted to a safe COVID-19 environment and aimed at school pupils from Pre-School to Secondary. They are one-hour sessions in which educators use play and other engagement dynamics to raise awareness of looking after water and tackling solutions to climate change.

And it also offers schools the chance to choose activities in digital format. The educational options for this academic year, aimed at Primary and Secondary school pupils, includes live webinars. They are 40-minute sessions that are delivered through the school’s own digital distance education platform or through the tool that the Fundación Canal’s educational programme has provided to connect with classrooms (Google Meet). 

As always, all of Canal Educa’s activities are free and part of the education on offer can be chosen in English.

In the home straight line of last academic year, Canal Educa reached almost 1,200 Madrid students from 12 different schools with its digital product, which consisted of three activities: Let’s Save Water! for 5th and 6th year of Primary education, Talent without Borders for 1st and 2nd year of Secondary Education (ESO) and ApoSTEMos por tu futuro [A STEM future for you], a dynamic to encourage 3rd and 4th year secondary school pupils to learn more about the technical disciplines known as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), which offer great prospects for work in the future. 

Tens of thousands of Madrid schoolchildren participate each academic year in the Fundación Canal’s educational programme. You can look up and book all educational options on Canal Educa’s website via a single registration form. Below is the list of programme’s activities available for the 2020-2021 academic year. 

The digitalisation of classrooms was a major challenge for teachers last academic year. Canal Educa also wanted to accompany teachers in this process, hence the programme has made available a new channel in which some digital educational tools are explored that may be of interest for them in this new stage. 

Until now, in Canal Educa’s educational catalogue, which is accessible from the Website, three little capsules have been included: one to encourage and help with using Google Earth as a platform to create visual content, another which analyses a resource that is so interesting and full of content as Khan Academy and, thirdly, one that explores and delves into a tool for collaboration among teachers like Procomún.