The Fundacion Canal delves into the fascinating photography of the mysterious Francesca Woodman

null The Fundacion Canal delves into the fascinating photography of the mysterious Francesca Woodman

The Fundacion Canal delves into the fascinating photography of the mysterious Francesca Woodman


Presentation of the Francesca Woodman exhibition. Ser un ángel / On being an angel

  • The Francesca Woodman exhibition. Ser un ángel / On being an angel, shows the marvellous talent of the unsettling North-American artist.
  • Woodman built her brief history by obsessively creating self-portraits in a constant search for self, until her tragic suicide brought it all to an end.

The Fundación Canal presented to the media today the exhibition Francesca Woodman. Ser un ángel / On being an angel”. The event was attended by Anna Tellgren, conservator with the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and curator of the exhibition.

The exhibition includes most of the artist's photograph series and her themed groupings. A total of 102 photographs and 6 short films will be shown.

On Francesca Woodman (Denver, 1958 - New York, 1981) it has been said that she was eccentric, introvert, passionate, charismatic, provocative, very theatrical, that she was frenetically obsessed with her image and with the search for self... This unsettling photographer began taking black-and-white pictures when she was only 13 years-old, when a Japanese imitation Rollei camera changed her life. A very brief life that ended at 23, when she decided to sit on the windowsill of her Lower East Side apartment and let herself fall.

With an innate and precocious talent, Woodman created a photographic corpus impregnated with symbolism. Her pictures are focused mainly on women's bodies in general, and on herself in particular. She took self-portraits in the nude, twisted, semi-hidden, dressed in costume and blurred in abandoned, almost ghostly, locations. We usually find references in her work to a fragile and ethereal beauty, at the same time dismal and, in many cases, in bucolic and decadent settings.

Over time Woodman has become one of the most-studied, influential and commented contemporary photographers, thanks to a series of original and unsetting photos. A legacy of 10,000 negatives and 800 printed photographs, of which we have barely seen a fourth. 

After her tragic suicide in 1981, she became a cult photographer who, still today, continues to generate debate and questions without answers. This is all part of that halo of mystery surrounding her figure, which is present in each of the photographs of this exhibition, the title of which refers to one of the artist's favourite themes that she used to represent her body and her face: “being an angel”.

In spite of her premature death, Francesca Woodman left the world with a series of images that stand out for their poetic and profoundly personal language that visitors will be able to enjoy in this exhibition.

It is completed with the showing of Selected Video Works, 1976-1978, a collection of six short videos edited and published in 2004 by The Estate of Francesca Woodman.


Exhibition organised by the Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Curator: Anna Tellgren, conservator with the Moderna Museet, Stockholm.




2 October at 10:00 am, at Fundación Canal. Mateo Inurria, 2. Madrid.

Contact for media: Tel.+34 915 451 527 and


From 3 October 2019 to 5 January 2020.


Work days and Bank holidays: 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Wednesdays: until 3:00 pm.

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