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Every minute, the Canal Control Centre monitors more than 78,000 items of information in order to guarantee the supply of water to the people of Madrid

null Every minute, the Canal Control Centre monitors more than 78,000 items of information in order to guarantee the supply of water to the people of Madrid

Every minute, the Canal Control Centre monitors more than 78,000 items of information in order to guarantee the supply of water to the people of Madrid


Pedro Rollán, the new chairman of the Public Company, visited today the installation, from where the entire Community water cycle is controlled

  • In a uniform and efficient manner, it manages the integrated water cycle, pooling the services provided to the districts
  • 67 people work every day of the year at this infrastructure, which uses cutting edge technology

The vice-chairman, Regional Minister for the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government of the Community of Madrid, and chairman of Canal de Isabel II, Pedro Rollán, visited today the public company's Control Centre in Majadahonda. This is where the condition of the network, for drinking water, waste water and reclaimed water is monitored together with that of the infrastructures for the operation of the integrated water cycle: reservoirs, underground water springs, tanks, pumping stations, waste water treatment plants, etc.

This Control Centre, opened in 2012, receives 78,000 items of information per minute, from more than 109,000 sensors connected to 2376 remote stations located in infrastructures distributed all over the Community of Madrid. These instruments serve not only to check the condition of the network and detect any changes which may affect the drainage or supply, but also to receive quality data from waste water treatment stations, tanks and from the distribution network itself.

Just as Canal de Isabel II manages the water cycle in the Community of Madrid in a global and integrated manner, the signals and data received at the Control Centre permit an overall vision of the condition of the service in all its stages (capture, processing, distribution, drainage, purification and reuse), to permit the joint and efficient planning of operations. Every year, the public company invests more than 9 million Euros in this installation, at the fore in its technology, scope and precision.

In addition to processing the data and possible alerts detected by the measurement instruments, the Control Centre also handles the incidents reported by citizens via the Customer Service telephone line. These include notifications about quality, lack of supply or pressure, and are located geographically in order to carry out the repairs in an ordered manner, with minimum disruption for the public.

During his visit, Rollán was accompanied by the Mayor of Majadahonda and the executive vice-chairman of the public company, Rafael Prieto. Rollán stressed "datos, son buenos, pero no se deben descuidar las recomendaciones de consumo responsable que desde Canal de Isabel II recuerdan durante todo el año: ducharse en lugar de bañarse, utilizar los electrodomésticos a carga completa o cerrar el grifo mientras se lavan los dientes. En verano, además, desde la empresa pública recomiendan regar las plantas a primera hora de la mañana o por la noche, y cubrir las piscinas para evitar la evaporación." 

Work started on the development of the remote control system at Canal de Isabel II in the 80s to improve the guaranteed supply to Madrid and it was founded with two key objectives: to guarantee the supply of water to all the points of the Community of Madrid and to provide a rapid response to any possible emergencies.


At present, the reservoirs which supply the region are at 90% of their capacity. In the first half of 2018, the Community of Madrid consumed 7.1 % less water than in the same period in 2017, and the month of July began with the reservoirs containing almost 18 % more than in the previous year. These figures, highlighted Rollán, are good, but we must not ignore the recommendations for responsible water use given by Canal de Isabel II throughout the year: have a shower instead of a bath, fill domestic appliances completely before starting a wash or turn off the tap while brushing your teeth. In the summer months, the Public Company recommends watering plants early in the morning or late in the evening, and covering swimming pools to prevent evaporation.

Canal de Isabel II was founded more than 165 years ago to supply water to the city of Madrid, and currently more than 2500 employees work to provide a service of excellence to more than 6 million people in the Community of Madrid. It is an innovative company, a leader in its sector, and internationally recognised for its management of the integrated water cycle. It operates 13 reservoirs; 78 spring tappings; 14 drinking water treatment plants; 17,434 kilometres of conveyance and distribution channels; 133 pumping stations for drinking water and 131 for waste water; 14,018 kilometres of sewage networks; 63 storm tanks; 823 kilometres of sewers and outfalls; 157 waste water treatment stations; and 512 kilometres of reclaimed water channels.    

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