Canal to Invest €31.4 Million for Maintenance of Over 1,300 km of Sanitation Networks

null Canal to Invest €31.4 Million for Maintenance of Over 1,300 km of Sanitation Networks

Canal to Invest €31.4 Million for Maintenance of Over 1,300 km of Sanitation Networks


The Governing Council was informed today of the proposal for the award of two contracts by the Company

  • This contract covers the operation and maintenance of collectors, discharges and municipal sewerage networks
  • It will also carry out €4.2 million of works to improve treatment facilities in Boadilla del Monte

The Governing Council of the Madrid Regional Government was informed today about the proposals for the award of two contracts by Canal de Isabel II for the maintenance of sewerage networks in the region and the improvement of waste water treatment facilities at Boadilla del Monte. Both proposals require the approval of the Company’s board of directors.

The first contract covers operation and maintenance services for the peripheral sewerage networks managed by the Company in the Madrid Region. The contract is divided into 11 separate lots and will have a duration of four years, with a possible extension of 12 months. The last three lots of the award proposal about which the Governing Council was informed today are priced at €31,446,600 (excluding VAT). The Company had already awarded the other eight lots of the procedure for a price of €116,645,657.02 (excluding VAT).

It will be used to operate and maintain the urban drainage networks managed by Canal de Isabel II, which include 1,315 km of collectors, discharges and sewerage networks, equivalent to a straight line from Madrid to Brussels. The network has more than 36,000 inspection covers.

The sewerage networks in the Madrid Region are divided geographically by conservation areas: Specifically, the Council was today informed about the award of the lots covering Torrelaguna, Sierra Norte and Santillana. Those for Valmayor-Majadahonda, Rincón Suroeste, Guadarrama, Culebro A and B, Tajo, Jarama and Colmenar have already been awarded.


The second contract reported to the Governing Council relates to the improvement works at the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and at Waste Water Pumping Station (WWPS) Number 4 in Boadilla del Monte. The contract price is €4,218,065.12 (excluding VAT) and has a completion period of 24 months. This proposal requires approval by the Company’s Board of Directors.

The purpose of this contract is to improve the WWTP and WWPS installations in order to facilitate operational tasks: at WWPS Number 4, which is situated next to an out-of-service WWTP, the installations will be improved to cope with accumulations of sand borne in by waste water.

On the other hand, at the Boadilla del Monte WWTP the electricity supply installations will be improved. This treatment plant has been operational since 2002 and treats waste water from Boadilla del Monte and industrial areas around Alcorcón and can treat a maximum flow of 20,000 m3/day. It also has a tertiary treatment to produce regenerated water for watering parks and gardens and for street cleaning.


These works are part of objective 4 of the Canal de Isabel II 2018-2030 Strategic Plan for promoting environmental quality. This includes its plan of excellence for purification, the aim of which is to improve the quality of discharges from waste water treatment plants and contribute to the good condition of the region’s rivers.

Canal de Isabel II is the publicly-owned company that manages the integrated water cycle in the Madrid Region. It was founded almost 170 years ago to supply water to the city of Madrid and today it employs over 2800 people who work every day to serve more than 6 million people in the region. It is an innovative company, a leader in its sector and recognised worldwide for its management of all phases of the integrated water cycle: abstraction, adduction, treatment, distribution, sanitation, purification and reuse.

It operates 13 reservoirs; 78 groundwater catchments; 17,601 km of water supply and distribution network; 131 drinking water and 133 wastewater pumping stations; 15,083 km of sewage networks; 65 storm tanks; 157 waste water treatment plants; and 615 km of reclaimed water network.

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