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Canal de Isabel II shares its experience and challenges in water management at the 35th AEAS Congress

null Canal de Isabel II shares its experience and challenges in water management at the 35th AEAS Congress

Canal de Isabel II shares its experience and challenges in water management at the 35th AEAS Congress


The Spanish Association for Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment is holding their two-yearly congress in Valencia between tomorrow and Friday

  • Canal's exhibition space is given to its Strategic Plan 2018-2030, which underlines its leadership in the integrated water cycle
  • The circular economy, supply, waste water treatment and digital transformation are the main subject areas of this edition

Canal de Isabel II takes part in the thirty-fifth congress of the Spanish Association for Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment (AEAS), which takes place in Valencia from tomorrow until Friday 29 March.  The congress, which is held every two years in different parts of Spain, is one of the main events in the water sector in Spain.

AEAS has selected 86 papers to be presented at the Congress, out of a total 158 proposals received. The papers can be classified in three main blocks: waste water treatment and the circular economy; legal and economic affairs and digital transformation; and supply. Of these, 13 will be presented by 16 officers from different areas at Canal de Isabel II.  The full programme can be found on the AEAS Web page.

The conferences given by professionals from Canal will address areas including the drafting of emergency plans in the event of drought, rainwater contamination, remote reading of water meters, odour-treatment techniques and organic matter for optimising the treatment of drinking water, customer satisfaction measurement systems, social tariffs and strategic planning in water companies.

The 35th AEAS Congress will be a meeting point, at national level, for professionals, companies and institutions for technical debate and the transfer of knowledge in those areas of maximum interest related to the integrated water cycle. In addition, the Congress will also engage the participation of the University and Technology Centres. The technical programme will be complemented by the Water Technology Showroom and a number of other cultural activities, including the participation of the historic Water Tribunal.

The programme is completed with the Water Technology Showroom, an exhibition space for companies from the sector. Canal will have a stand in this showroom, dedicated to its Strategic Plan 2018-2030. One of the departure points of this is to be the leading Spanish company of reference in the integrated water cycle, basing its strategy on commitment, proximity, transparency, excellence and sustainability.


The Spanish Association for Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment is a non-profit-making professional association for the promotion and development of scientific, technical, administrative and legal matters regarding the urban supply of water and waste water treatment services.

Its origin dates back to 1971, when the members of the Spanish Committee for the International Water Supply Association (IWSA) decided to found a national association which, modelled on the international association, would deal with all the facets of the urban water cycle. It currently has 330 partners, and the operators belonging to the association provide services to more than 35 million inhabitants in more than 1700 Spanish towns.

As part of the Strategic Plan 2018-2030, Canal de Isabel II has set itself the objective of leading innovation and development in the water sector, an area which has characterised the company since its foundation over 165 years ago.

In addition, strategic line 9 of this plan aims to innovate in the actions the company takes in order to be a reference in the sector and to develop the technologies and services demanded by customers in the future. This line includes the plan to position the company as an innovative business, with the main objective of becoming a reference at national and international level in terms of innovation, in the areas of water and the environment.

Canal de Isabel II was founded more than 165 years ago to supply water to the city of Madrid. It employs more than 2500 people working daily to provide a service to more than 6 million people in the region. It is an innovative company, a leader in its sector, and internationally recognised for its management of the integrated water cycle. It operates 13 reservoirs; 14 drinking water treatment plants; 17,556 kilometres of conveyance and distribution channels, 14,956 kilometres of sewage networks; 65 storm tanks; 157 waste water treatment stations; and 588 kilometres of reclaimed water channels.

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