Canal de Isabel II ensures water quality and continuity of service in the region’s southwest

null Canal de Isabel II ensures water quality and continuity of service in the region’s southwest

Canal de Isabel II asegura la calidad y continuidad del suministro de agua en el Rincón Suroeste


The company will award a contract for work on the distribution network in 12 locations over a period of three years

  • The public water company will allocate 3.37 million euros for work on 320 kilometres of the area’s supply networks
  • These actions will benefit more than 35,000 residents in municipalities in the southwest of the región

The regional government of the Community of Madrid has been informed today of the proposal to award a contract for the undertaking of work on the supply network in the southwest of the Community of Madrid in order to guarantee water quality and service continuity to the more than 35,000 inhabitants of the twelve municipalities in the area. The contract proposal, with a price of 3,375,000 euros and a term of three years (with the possibility of a one-year extension), must be approved by the public company’s Board of Directors.

The contract will cover urgent work in the southwest of the Community of Madrid in order to guarantee the water supply in terms of both quantity and quality. It will include network expansions, refits and new sections of network and connections, as well as unscheduled actions to improve the supply infrastructure in this area.

The twelve municipalities in this area are: Aldea del Fresno, Cadalso de los Vidrios, Cenicientos, Chapinería, Colmenar del Arroyo, Navas del Rey, Pelayos de la Presa, Rozas de Puerto Real, San Martín de Valdeiglesias, Villa del Prado, Villamanta and Villamantilla. In total, this adds up to more than 320 kilometres of distribution networks.


All these actions to improve distribution network operation and drinking water quality fall within the framework of Canal de Isabel II’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2030 as part of Strategic Area 2 - committed to preserving water quality from its source to the point of use, including the modernisation and renovation of the distribution networks - and Strategic Area 1 - guaranteeing the water supply, including renovation of the network to decrease breakage rates and water losses through leaks and breakdowns.

Canal de Isabel II is the public water company responsible for integrated water management in the Madrid region. It was founded almost 170 years ago to supply Sub-directorate of water to the city of Madrid, and today its more than 2,800 employees work every day to provide services to over 6 million people throughout the region. An innovative company and a leader in its sector, it has gained international recognition for its integrated water management, which involves abstraction, conveyance, treatment, distribution, sanitation, purification and reuse.

The company operates 13 reservoirs, 78 groundwater abstraction systems, a 17,601- kilometre conveyance and distribution network, 131 pumping stations for drinking water and 133 for waste water, 15,083 kilometres of sewer system networks, 65 storm tanks, 157 waste water treatment plants and a 615-kilometre reclaimed water network.