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Canal de Isabel II opens a new park to the public in the district of Chamberí in Madrid

null Canal de Isabel II opens a new park to the public in the district of Chamberí in Madrid

Canal de Isabel II opens a new park to the public in the district of Chamberí in Madrid


The chairman, Pedro Rollán, today inaugurated this green space, the construction of which had an adjudication budget of 335,000 euros

  • The Ríos Rosas park covers an area of 2,500 square metres and it is located in the grounds of its Central Offices
  • Work will begin on another garden in 2019, next to Calle Bravo Murillo and the transformation of the Tercer Depósito Sports and Leisure Centre will be put out to tende

Today, Canal de Isabel II opened a new park to the public in the district of Chamberí in Madrid. The Ríos Rosas park, covering an area of 2,500 m2 and set in the grounds of its Central Offices, was inaugurated today by the company’s chairman, Pedro Rollán, together with the executive vice-chairman, Rafael Prieto, the councillor of the district of Chamberí and representatives of the neighbourhood associations of Parque Sí, Corazón Verde and El Organillo.

This new park is now the third landscaped and leisure area created by the public company and made available to the public, together with the Cuarto Depósito Park and the Tercer Depósito Park in Avenida de Islas Filipinas.

The Ríos Rosas park covers an area of 2,500 m2, of which 1,800 m2 are garden areas planted with various shrubs including bamboo, rosemary, santolina and lavender, 335 m2 are walkways equipped with 12 benches and 2 drinking water fountains. An area for children’s games has also been created and adapted for children with varying abilities, in collaboration with the Lukas Foundation. The adjudication budget for these works was 335,000 euros. This new green space “has been created in Madrid, thanks to Canal’s initiative and social commitment, for the residents of Chamberí, the district with the fewest number of parks in the city, to enjoy”, said Rollán.

These gardens will be open to the public from 10 am to 8 pm from 16 October to 30 April and from 9 am to 10 pm from 1 May to 15 October. The park has been fenced in to ensure that neighbours are not disturbed, and to protect it, insofar as possible, from acts of vandalism.



This is not the public entity’s only initiative designed to transform some of its plots of land and open these to the public. Work shall begin in the coming months, to transform 3,800 m2 of land between its offices and Calle Bravo Murillo and which have been put out to tender for 2 million euros. In addition to these, a further 15.5 million shall be used to remodel and transform the area that was occupied by the golf installations in the Tercer Depósito Sports and Leisure Centre on Avenida de las Islas Filipinas, with the works being put out to tender in 2019.

These three installations, together with the Plaza Castilla park, will enable the public to enjoy over 170,000 m2 of spaces belonging to Canal de Isabel Ii. All of these initiatives form part of one of its lines of action established in the 2018-2030 Strategic Plan to boost transparency, good governance and commitment to society.

Canal de Isabel II was founded over 165 years ago to supply the city of Madrid with water. Over 2,500 employees work daily to serve over 6 million people in the region. It is an innovative company and a leader in its sector, recognised internationally for its comprehensive water cycle management. It operates 13 reservoirs; 78 groundwater captures; 14 drinking water treatment plants; 17,556 kilometres of water conveyance and distribution; 131 drinking water pumping stations and 133 waste water stations; 14,956 kilometres of sewer system networks; 65 storm tanks; 877 kilometres of collectors and sewer pipeline and 157 waste water treatment plants.

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